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MGMA Insights: Unlocking HR Strategies for Medical Practice Leaders with Cristy Good

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Welcome to another episode of the MGMA Insights Podcast, hosted by Daniel Williams. In this episode, Daniel sits down with Cristy Good, Senior Advisor at MGMA, to chat about the essential Human Resources strategies every medical practice leader should know. Cristy, a former healthcare practice administrator and a co-author of MGMA’s new book, Advanced Strategy for Medical Practice Leaders: Human Resources Management Edition, shares her wealth of experience and practical advice on navigating the complexities of HR in the healthcare industry.

Episode Highlights:
1. Introduction to the HR Management Edition:
   - Daniel and Cristy discuss the new book's release and its significance for medical practice leaders.
   - Emphasis on aligning HR strategies with organizational goals to enhance operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

2. Cristy’s Journey and Insights:
   - Cristy shares her career path from laboratory work to healthcare practice administration, highlighting how these experiences shaped the book’s content.
   - Key lessons learned from her 20 years in healthcare practice management, focusing on HR’s pivotal role.

3. Major Challenges in HR for Medical Practices:
   - Addressing staffing issues, turnover, and burnout in medical practices.
   - Importance of work-life balance and the role of HR in fostering a supportive work environment.

4. Strategic HR Partnership:
   - How HR can help medical practices achieve their goals by partnering strategically on hiring, compliance, and culture building.
   - Real-life examples of effective HR strategies in practice.

5. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for HR:
   - Discussion on essential KPIs such as employee turnover rate, time to fill positions, compliance training, and absentee rate.
   - Importance of tracking these metrics to ensure a high-performing and compliant workforce.

6. Evolution of HR in Healthcare:
   - The impact of AI and technology on HR practices, including recruitment and predictive analytics.
   - Future trends in HR, such as flexible work arrangements and integrating social determinants of health.

- “I learned by drinking from a fire hose. I made mistakes and learned from them, and I wanted to share that knowledge to help others.” – Cristy Good
- “HR needs to align with organizational goals. They help set these goals, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance operational efficiency.” – Cristy Good
- “You don’t want to take the 'human' out of human resources. AI can help, but we need to use it wisely and maintain the human element.” – Cristy Good

Resources and Links:
- MGMA “Ask an Advisor” Feature: Go to and click on the green "Ask MGMA" button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen
- New Book! "Advanced Strategy for Medical Practice Leaders: Human Resources Management Edition"
- Join the MGMA Managing Stress Community Group: Email Daniel Williams at or Cristy Good at to join the ongoing stress management sessions.

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MGMA Insights: Unlocking HR Strategies for Medical Practice Leaders with Cristy Good
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