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MGMA Week in Review: Addressing Mental Health Costs, Nurse Recruitment Strategies, and Preventing Physician Burnout

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In this MGMA Week in Review podcast episode, Daniel Williams and Colleen Luckett discuss the shocking costs of ignoring mental health issues, strategies medical groups use to recruit nurses, and ways to prevent physician burnout through mindfulness and partnerships.

Key Takeaways and Resources:
(Healthcare Finance News) - Colleen shares a recent analysis projecting that avoidable healthcare costs from mental health inequities could reach $1.3 trillion by 2040.
(Harvard Business Review) - Leaders can improve decision-making by embracing diverse questioning techniques.
(MGMA Stat) - Despite challenges, medical groups have increased clinician productivity and compensation by 4-6% through strategies like extended hours and increased telehealth usage.
(MedPage Today)—Despite numerous challenges, medical practices' resilience and adaptability have led to increased productivity and compensation.
(Medical Economics) - Preventing burnout includes mindfulness practices, congressional support for the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Protection Act, and applying the NIOSH Impact Wellbeing Guide within organizations. 

MGMA Resources:

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MGMA Week in Review: Addressing Mental Health Costs, Nurse Recruitment Strategies, and Preventing Physician Burnout
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