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MGMA Member Spotlight: Leading a Large Independent Primary Care Group through Value-Based Care with Eric Schwab

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On this episode of the MGMA Insights Podcast, host Daniel Williams sits down with Eric Schwab, COO of Preferred Primary Care Physicians. Eric shares his journey from real estate to becoming a leader in healthcare management. He discusses leading Preferred Primary Care, the largest independent primary care group in Western Pennsylvania with over 90 providers. Eric also details the strategic shift to value-based care and how data and wraparound services improved patient outcomes.

Major Takeaways:
  • Building a culture of care and family at Preferred Primary Care through benefits, communication and staff development
  • Implementing systems and infrastructure to successfully transition to value-based care contracts  
  • Utilizing data to inform care protocols and identify at-risk patients for proactive intervention
  • Developing healthcare managers through mentoring and challenging assumptions
  • Achieving work-life balance as a healthcare leader through boundaries, planning and limiting reactivity
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MGMA Member Spotlight: Leading a Large Independent Primary Care Group through Value-Based Care with Eric Schwab
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