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MGMA Week in Review: Transitioning to Value, Prioritizing Mental Health, and a New Approach to Medical Debt

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On this MGMA Week in Review episode, hosts Colleen Luckett and Daniel Williams discuss the latest results from the MGMA STAT poll on medical groups' value-based care strategies. They also explore strategies for supporting mental health in the workplace and highlight a new approach one health system took to medical debt collection that improved access to care.

- MGMA STAT Poll: Latest results on medical groups' value-based contracting plans and the challenges of transitioning payment models.
- Mental Health Awareness Month: Highlights from a Harvard Business Review article on strategies for organizations and individuals to support mental well-being at work. Tips for setting boundaries and taking breaks.
- Case Study: Why one New York health system stopped suing patients. Rochester Regional Health's shift to a more compassionate approach, focusing on helping patients access insurance, financial aid, and payment plans instead of aggressive collections, has had a profound positive impact. This new approach has not only improved access to care but also instilled hope and optimism in the healthcare community.
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MGMA Week in Review: Transitioning to Value, Prioritizing Mental Health, and a New Approach to Medical Debt
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