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MGMA Insights: Unlocking Healthcare Media Success with Scott Becker

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In this episode of the MGMA Insights podcast, host Daniel Williams interviews Scott Becker, founder and CEO of Becker's Healthcare. Becker, who will be a mainstage speaker at the upcoming MGMA Operations Conference in Chicago, shares his journey from law school to healthcare media, discussing how he built his influential platforms and multidisciplinary approach to healthcare law and finance.

Becker discusses his unexpected path to law school and healthcare, detailing how he founded Becker's Healthcare by recognizing opportunities in digital media. He also discusses his passion for building successful teams and businesses, sharing insights on cultivating interests over time. The conversation also touches on his favorite Chicago sports memories, law school at Harvard with Barrack Obama, and strategies for managing multiple ventures effectively.

Main Takeaways:
- Identify niche opportunities and double down on what works
- Cultivate passions and interests over time
- Build strong teams to allow you to focus on work you enjoy

- Becker's Healthcare
- Scott Becker on LinkedIn
- MGMA Operations Conference

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MGMA Insights: Unlocking Healthcare Media Success with Scott Becker
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