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MGMA Week in Review: Member Spotlight, Weight Loss Drugs, and the Physician Fee Schedule Tool

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Welcome to another edition of the MGMA Week in Review podcast. On today's show we have a wide range of healthcare topics to discuss. We'll kick things off by looking back at Daniel Williams's previous career covering films and interviewing Academy Award winner Louise Fletcher. Then co-host Colleen Luckett will share the latest on access to innovative weight loss medications. We'll also highlight strategies for improving patient experience and reducing stress in medical practices as well as an important update on scholarships for aspiring leaders.

In addition, you'll meet MGMA member Christine Hanley, practice coordinator at Lakeshore ENT in Oswego, NY. As practice coordinator, Christine manages daily scheduling, surgery coordination, employee scheduling, and addressing patient inquiries for their busy medical practice. Some challenges include ensuring all areas of the practice are running smoothly and addressing bottlenecks. She prioritizes open communication, staff support, and adaptability.

- Stress awareness education program in the MGMA member community

The February cyber attack on change healthcare continues to cause prescription delays and that is stressful on patients and doctors, but not if the doctors are using iCoreRx, a leading ePrescribing software that enables electronic prescription creation and management to simplify your medical operations. Check them out at

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MGMA Week in Review: Member Spotlight, Weight Loss Drugs, and the Physician Fee Schedule Tool
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